I started these interviews with the intent to show that not only does everyone have a story to tell, but that we can benefit by seeing the world through the eyes of another.  I have found that it is particularly enriching when the experiences an individual has are starkly contrasted from our own.  I have tried to seek out those who have experienced extreme misfortune, meeting desperate times as well as though who have overcome immense trials.  I have tried to find those whose background differ from my own and those who I find quietly impressive with a quality I would define as ordinary heroism.

We have a responsibility to learn from each other.  I see a growing trend in society around the world: an indifference to others.  It is not necessarily rudeness, disrespect or some kind of malcontent towards others.  We still acknowledge others, are often polite and kind in our interactions.  Yet there is a missing piece to actual appreciation of individuals as people.  We interact with others constantly and yet very infrequently see them as individuals.  As we hear the life stories from others, from all different backgrounds, we may begin again to value relationships higher than success.

This is my goal: that we can understand the significance of people, even those we commonly overlook as non-influential to us personally. I have tried to seek out those who are unaware of their own amazing story, because many times it is finding the extraordinary in the ordinary that the discovery of real beauty takes place.  If you have a story that needs to be told or better yet know someone who has a unique perspective on life, I would encourage you to contact me so I conduct an interview and make their story known.


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