Rachel – the Genuine Preschool Teacher


Rachel is quiet in her demeanor. She doesn’t seek attention or project her ideas, beliefs or thoughts onto others. Yet her genuine nature shows how she never deviates from being true to herself. With a contact and consistent trust in herself, she has been able to deal with and overcome immense difficulties; trials, that few would ever know she has experienced. This is her story:

Plans and Expectations

Her genuine nature has always led her to focus on people. In any situation she tries to encourage people to see their worth and value. With such a mindset, she always knew she would embark on a life of service. From her childhood, where the best service could only be one thing: giving ice cream, she thought she could be an ice cream truck driver. Even at such a young age, her goal was to bring joy to those around her.

But as she grew, she decided on even deeper paths to bringing joy to people. Her father works in the nursing field and from his inspiration she thought the medical profession may be a route to best utilize her skills to help people. Yet despite the strong desire she had to help people and learn, especially about medicine and healing practices, the math, science and chemistry courses in college left a bad taste in her mouth. That’s when she realized it wasn’t something for her.

Instead, Rachel combined her desire to help with her focus on children and started working towards that goal.  “I always knew I liked taking care of kids,” she said. “I just felt like it was something I was really good at.”

She knew she wanted a career that would allow her to be of the most benefit to the most people, including her own future children. That’s when she decided a preschool teacher would be ideal. “I could run a preschool and still be able to be a stay at home mom,” she said. Since then, she has pursued and finished her education in the field and currently works helping preschool aged children with the Head Start program.

Life Events

Rachel has faced several deep and difficult trials that she has quietly, but profoundly grown from. She lost her mom in her youth, and points to that as the most difficult and defining moment for her life. Everything changed from that moment and she faced a crossroad: to hate life and feel sorry for herself or make her life better. She chose the latter and with her improved empathetic virtues, she realized not only what she could do for herself, but how she could influence others for good.

“It’s something that has effected every single day of my life,” she said, speaking of her mom’s passing. She used the experience to challenge herself and push her beyond her preconceived limits. It has helped in difficulties and trials in relationships, friendships, career and school decisions.

In a comparable way, running has also showed her what she is capable of. Starting in her sophomore year at college, Rachel got into long distance running. She has run two marathons and several halfs since that time. “I like it because it is doing so much for me mentally and physically,” she said. She feels that running releases her stress and helps her to become happier, focused, healthier and more capable to deal with challenges life throws at her.

Influence and Trust

When Rachel talks about influence and trust she immediately talks of her father. “My dad has had a harder life than any one that I have ever met,” she said. “Yet anyone that knows who or just sees him would have no idea.”

She talks of how he works so tirelessly hard to provide for his children’s needs. He has always made sure she has had exactly what she needs, even if that was simply faith in her that she could accomplish difficult tasks.

Her dad has shown her what it means to trust, which has been a difficult trial for Rachel lately. With a recent engagement broken off she feels that trust has become something she has almost lost in people. Yet she still looks to the example of her father, in his personality and qualities that make her know he wants what’s best for her. “I just want to be like him,” she said, without realizing how truly similar they are already.


Despite her difficulty in past relationships, with the passing of her mother and a broken engagement, she finds solace in connecting with those closest to her. She feels her sister-in-law is one who she can go to with anything. “Any time something good happens I tell her, any time something bad happens I can go to her and talk to her,” she said.

Her reserved nature normally holds her back from sharing deeply personal information about herself to others. But when she does connect with an individual, she creates a fierce bond of trust, one where they can feel they can share all their most intimate details.


Rachel feels like her future is made now. She is working and doing what she loves and had always hoped for. She continues to strive towards family relationships and starting a family of her own. She sees motherhood as her ultimate goal and looks forward to the opportunity to raise her own children, caring for them as she cares for her preschoolers now. With her genuine nature and focus on others, her future holds a key to happiness that is so simple it has been all but forgotten by most: selflessness.

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