Gavin – the football player


A life centered on a sport gains much more than entertainment and physical strain, the discipline and cooperation learned lead to much more significant insights. Gavin’s focus on football bleeds into every aspect of his life, his diligence, his dedication, his teamwork, and his faith. This is his story:

Life Goals and Events

As a child, Gavin always looked up to his father in every way, but in special admiration of his football skills. His father had played football at the collegiate level and the glory stories inspired Gavin to set his sights on achieving greatness in the sport.

From the moment he could walk up to his football career in High School, every decision focused on his goal and desire to excel in the sport. He was a three-year starter at the quarterback position, leading his team to the State Championship his Junior year.

Yet his goals centered on more than just football. His family and faith play a significant role in the person he is becoming. He served on behalf of his faith; he sacrificed for his family, accomplishing many goals in his family and spiritual life along the way.


In addition to his parents’ great influence in his life, and his older siblings, Gavin is inspired and influenced by unity. Whether that is on or off the field, with family members, friends, or team members, the ability to create a bond with individuals drives him forward.

His desire to work together as team leads him on the football field to have confidence in both his abilities to contribute and his team as a whole. Currently, despite a career plagued with injuries, Gavin plays for his dream college team, the same college his father and two older brothers played at. Their influence over him has led him to his successful and extremely enjoyable career in the sport.


Gavin hopes to “be the best football player [he] could possibly be.” He puts that simply as his life goal and passion. He equates his football career with becoming a better player, leader and person.

Transitioning from the QB to DB position in college, Gavin’s adaptable and coachable nature will enable him to succeed both in his football dreams and in his future career endeavors. He is going through the Broadcast Journalism program at his university and hopes to stay involved with sports through working in sports journalism.

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